Chinese red or commonly known as black teas are lesser known, although its flavors are very diverse and comparably mellow.

Zebra box - Cha-Shifu's selection of Black & White tea

Yes, you are right, actually it isn't Black tea its Chinese Red tea and its sweet, similar sweetness as its companions, the White teas. You will enjoy following 8 teas, because they did it, kicked-out nice stuff from other parts of China to catch a place  in Cha-Shifu's selection of Black & White tea:

The Black aka Chinese Red teas comprises of:

  • Hong Biluo - red version of the famous Biluo Chun
  • Bao Ta Dianhong - handcrafted red Yunnan needles
  • Jin Jun Mei - selected small red Fujian needles
  • Qimen Hong - Mingqian aka pre Qingming harvested "Keemun" Black tea  

The White fraction from Fuding:

  • Baihao Yinzhen - fragrant needles only
  • Mudan - fresh green leaves 
  • Shou Mei brick - sweet portioned pieces
  • Lao Bai Cha cake - Aged for over 5 years

Each tea is packed in 30g, so enough to become familiar to each variety. As usual it comes in an aroma safe and re-closing packaging, secured in the wooden box. 

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