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We offer fast tea-mail service in Germany, but also abroad. Offered tea samples are boxes and fits to it handmade stoneware, so solid experience can be gained to a type of tea.

Pu Erh or Puer tea is a dark tea, Chinese: Hei Cha, variation and provides a vastly diverse designs. A distinction is made between raw or Sheng Puerh tea and ripened or Shu (Shou) Puerh tea.

Green tea box 2018
52.00 65.00

Again a nice collection of Chinese Green teas from March 2018, each 35g

  • Wuniuzao earliest green tea of the season, Zhejiang

  • Longjing famous and this one is not from West Lake!

  • Baicha a pan fried speciality from Songyang, Lishui

  • Biluochun originally from Jiangsu, this one is from Ermai Mt.

  • Zhuyeqing originally from Mt. Ermai, this one is from there

  • Maofeng baked green tea from Yellow Mt., Anhui


Oolong or Wulong tea is a partially oxidized tea, offering sweet and floral bouquet. It can be differentiated between four subspecies:

  • Rock tea or Chinese Yan Cha is baked and comes originally from the Wuyi Shan mountains in the north of Fujian Province.
  • Iron Goddess or Chinese Tie Guan Yin and other Mostly rolled Oolong tea comes from Central Fujian.
  • Dan Cong in Chinese means single tree Oolong Tea, which is a bit misleading, since almost all Dancong from the north of Guangdong Province is on modern plantations in Phoenix (Fenghuang) grown mountains around the Wudong mountain.
  • Taiwan Oolong tea, usually in rolled form originated in Central Fujian and thrives today on up to 2,700 meter high mountains of Taiwan.

For Pu Erh Tea and Oolong preparation a stoneware Gaiwan offer because its comparatively smooth surface is replaced by the original flavor.


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