Green Tea Fresh 2015 First Flush Ming Qian China rarest specialities

Chinese green tea season is short, but offers a tremendous variety of baked, roasted and steamed teas, growing very regional and traditionally harvested between March and April.

Our 2018 Green tea box arrived Munich in late March and consists of 6x35g freshest greenery.

Green tea box 2018
52.00 65.00

Again a nice collection of Chinese Green teas from March 2018, each 35g

  • Wuniuzao earliest green tea of the season, Zhejiang

  • Longjing famous and this one is not from West Lake!

  • Baicha a pan fried speciality from Songyang, Lishui

  • Biluochun originally from Jiangsu, this one is from Ermai Mt.

  • Zhuyeqing originally from Mt. Ermai, this one is from there

  • Maofeng baked green tea from Yellow Mt., Anhui