Green Tea Fresh 2015 First Flush Ming Qian China rarest specialities

Chinese green tea season is short, but offers a tremendous variety of baked, roasted and steamed teas, growing very regional and traditionally harvested between March and April.

We fly out green tea from April 5th, 2017 until stock is finished in early May.

Green tea box 2017

This years box comprises of:

  1. Baicha from Lishui, a flat shaped and pan roasted local special of Zhejiang province
  2. Longjing form Hangzhou, again a flat shaped, pan roasted and nutty taste
  3. Longding from Kaihua, a tippy and baked variety with hint of aspargus
  4. Yinshuang Xiangcha, a curly special, baked from Suichang in Lishui
  5. Taiping Houkui, a manual pressed version of famous green tea from Yellow Mountain, Anhui