Anji is actually a small town north of Hangzhou, but is a major hub for Chinese bamboo industrie. Between flooring solutions and construction site equipment you will a huge selection of bamboo teaware. During the next weeks products from bamboo tea boats and tables to small helpers like spoons and squeezers will be added.

Introduction box to Chinese tea by

The introduction box to Chinese tea provides both, a comprehensive selection of the six kinds of Chinese tea and its common preparation method, called Gongfu. You will learn how to brew with a gaiwan and different taste notes by varying steeping times and water temperatures.

Tea content, each 20 to 40 gramms according to size:

  • Green tea - Yuye or Jade leaf
  • White tea - Baimudan
  • Yellow tea - Huangya
  • Oolong tea - Tieguanyin
  • Red (Black) tea - Jinjunmei
  • Dark tea - Raw Pu-erh from Mt. Ailao

and the tools for a successful sessions are:

  • Bamboo tea table
  • Gaiwan including a sieve
  • A set of tea cups for two
  • Spoon, tweezers and a towel
  • Scale, 0.1g

Introduction video to Gongfu

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Tea Tray, standard
from 9.00

Getting sick of tea dust on your floor?

Well, I use both tea tray daily, the small one for measuring tea on my scale and the big one for breaking the cakes.

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option, price and shipping:
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Tea Table, squared and classic
from 41.00

Classic bamboo tea table in two sizes, smaller one fits sessions for two, whereas bigger one hosts up to six tea enthusiast. Easy to use, simply start brewing and afterwards empty the tray and dry it up.

Small: 29cm * 29cm * 7cm

Big: 39cm * 39cm * 7cm

Two Level Tea Table
from 50.00

Typical two level bamboo tea table, lower level for tea preparation, including waste water pipe and higher level for serving the tea cups w/o being wet. Choose from brighter or darker bamboo.

Both: 50cm * 24cm * 5cm

Tea Tray, premium

Getting sick of tea dust on your floor?

This is an unique combination of usage, be it to break or storage of a standard 357 g cake.

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Flat modern tea table
from 47.00

Modern bamboo tea table, easy to use and care, simply dry it up after usage. You select either the squared one or go for the long version, both make an excellent setting.

Long version: 50cm * 20cm * 5cm

Squared version: 34cm * 34cm * 5cm